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The task of the library of University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest is to provide the library criteria of the continuous research and educational work at the university; to provide teachers and students with technical literature and information, also to collect, reveal, keep and convey the technical literature of the subjects taught to the active professionals.
Besides the above the library of University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest functions as a public library. In order to accomplish its main objectives the library strives to produce a most complete collection of theatrical and film specialzed literature, theatrical dramas, scripts, folk, vocal, classical and pop sheet music as well as internationally significant films and recordings of theatre performances.
Besides the Hungarian language technical literature to fulfill the needs of the students and lecturers the library collects the English version of the most important pieces of international theatre and film theory, film history, recordings of theatre and opera performances, significant works of Hungarian and International filmmakers.
The library's special task is to collect documents in connection with the history of the institution, to archive the students' exam and diploma films and theatrical performances which were made at the university.


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